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About BlackPac

BLACKPAC, The Black, Latin Asian and Caucasian Knowledge Political Action Committee is the most influential PAC in America in electing real Conservatives and turning out conservative Republicans and Independents in 2022. During the past Trump era, NBC exit polling in 2020 recorded BLACKPAC earning Trump 15% of the Black vote including 8% of black women and 24% of black men.

Thanks to BLACKPAC, The McLaughlin post election survey showed Black support for the President and congressional Republicans at 18%. BLACKPAC endorsed Candidates Byron Donalds(FL), Burgess Owens(UT) were elected to Congress adding 2 out of 3 Black Men along with Marjorie Taylor Greene(GA), Darrell Issa(CA), Young Kim(CA) Brian Mast(FL) Michelle Steel(CA) BLACKPAC earned 55% of Florida’s Cuban-American vote for Trump, with 30 percent of Puerto Ricans and more than 48 percent of those defined as “other Latinos” backing Trump. In Miami-Dade County alone, the former president went from 333,999 votes in 2016 to more than 532,000 thanks to BLACKPAC Leader Minerva Díaz. 

Unbelievably but true, for the the first time ever, the Republican National Committee failed to secure victory for an incumbent President. BLACKPAC is the key to the future growth of The Republican Party and any future victories in the USA for Conservative candidates.

BLACKPAC, since opening in 2014, creates credibility and opens doors across the USA for Conservative Black, Latin, Asian, and Caucasian Political Candidates. When we began, there was little if any television or press coverage for Minority Candidates, and since BLACKPAC was founded, more Minority officials like Honorable Byron Donalds(FL) are appearing in mainstream media and we have taken the lead to elect all Conservatives, based upon Pro Life, Pro Second Amendment, and School Choice. 

These are issues that protect life and provide prosperity. Currently, BLACKPAC has peeled off 15%, up from 5% when we began, of the Black vote, 70% of the Latin vote, and 90% of the Asian vote and other GOP groups are now copying our serious convincing messaging. Our credibility among soft Democrats and Independents allow us to win crossover voters during the General election. We will earn 30% of the Black vote and win a 60-vote majority in the US Senate. Please make a contribution through  For 2022, over 90 Blacks, Latins, and Asian overqualified Conservatives are running for Congress with the support of BlackPAC.


BlackPAC was founded by George and Sandra Farrell in 2015. It is an organization supporting Conservative Minority Candidates and provides a uniquely effective strategy for bringing new minority voters to the Republican Party.   The Black, Latin, Asian, Caucasian Knowledge Political Action Committee is directed by minority leaders that work to increase inclusion and understanding, thus forming a more perfect United States of America.

Major ideological and demographic shifts in the United States have caused massive numbers of minorities to wake up (#WALKAWAY) to the reality that the Democratic Party has abandoned them. It is increasingly vital that Republicans successfully reach out to minority voters.

BlackPAC develops effective political campaigns, consults and develops minority inclusion strategies, conducts candidate training, and supports conservative Black, Latin, and Asian Republican candidates with direct and indirect support in primary and general elections.

In 2016, when BlackPAC launched Project 1875 we assisted the only eight Blacks, Latins, and Asian nominees qualified to share the ballot with President Trump.  Due to the tremendous success of Project 1875,  60 Black, Latin, and Asian nominees shared the ballot with President Trump and Vice President Pence in 2020, and seven were elected to Congress.

BlackPAC has strategic solutions to assertively reach, guide, and promote the Black, Latin, Asian, and Caucasian conservative electorate in communities across the country for local, state, and national offices.

BlackPac Team

Chairman & Founder

Mr. George Farrell’s Leadership of BlackPAC has earned him the honor of receiving multiple recognition the Congressional Record for his amazing efforts in the pursuit of equality and democracy in United States of America by engaging, educating and bringing more minority voters to the polls for Conservative Candidates.


Sandra Lopez co-found BlackPac. She provides an invaluable support in grass root voter education and outreach to minority communities in the United States of America. She is a native of San Jose, Costa Rica, with a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Universidad of Costa Rica. She also holds the CEO position of American Security Trust, a Consulting Company with Branches in Costa Rica, Washington DC and Florida.

Veterans Outreach

Joyce Subhi is a Graduate of Valparaiso University and Southern University Law School. Officer Shubi served the US Army as a direct commissioned Judge Advocate General. She continues to work with and volunteer with several organizations that provide services to benefit the US Military personnel.


  1. To support campaigns, State Parties, and local clubs with strategic direction, human, political, social media, technical, and GEO mapping tools critical to successful campaigns.
  2. To direct a nationwide network of grassroots workers and volunteers to register minority voters. This will connect and support local conservative races to collectively drive voter turnout.
  3. To stay engaged with the minority community leaders year-round to listen to their concerns.


  • To promote conservative, limited government policies that will help Americans and minorities prosper and to climb up the economic ladder and build a future for individuals, families, and businesses.
  • To encourage and support conservative leaders who are guided by free-market principles with an eye toward protecting American interests first.
  • To support and give voice to all those Americans no matter the origin or color of their skin.
Our Purpose

To assist Black, Latino, Asian, and Caucasians conservatives nationwide to qualify for office, and diligently work to elect them.


  • We are a dedicated and supportive collective of professionals with more than 30 years in politics, government, public administration, financial, budgeting, marketing, business, education, strategic and project management expertise.
  • We provide holistic support throughout your campaign journey and efforts to assure your message will be delivered to the voters in the most effective, efficient, and responsive way possible.
  • We powerfully engage minorities, delivering our message to local, state, and national constituencies to effectively communicate and motivate voters. With the use of creative measures, they are motivated to go to the polls and vote.
  • We have a proven team record of doing well with minority communities.




  • We develop a strategy based on the needs and on the latest demographic information that brings the right message to the respective communities in their own vernacular. We  bring our own team with the expertise in each community to execute it effectively to put you over the top.
  • We have a network of canvassers and leaders with the expertise to win over challenging communities.

We create workshops to train GOTV leaders to prepare them to create their own strategy based on their local reality.

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