BlakPAC broke records in the United States Congress by doubling the number of African American Republican Men and adding new Latin Women members Monica De La Cruz(TX) and Anna Paulina Luna(FL) BlakPAC workers and volunteers successfully earned the votes of millions of soft Democrats and Independents for Republican candidates nationwide which resulted in the Republican Majority in the Lower Chamber of the US Congress.

Joining Byron Donalds(FL) and Burgess Owens(UT) in the House of Representatives is John James(MI) and Wesley Hunt(TX). This amazing feat achieves the goals of Project 1875 by electing patriots that will defend the Constitition of the United States of America.


Florida Voter Registration

Blakpac and its coalitions worked all 2021 to register as many minority conservatives and swing voters as we could to assure we have the voters we need in for 2022. Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, and California were our main focus. For the first time ever, our efforts in Florida as a Third Party Voter Registration Organization have resulted in more Republican registered voters than Democrats.
Voter Education

BlakPac has coordinated with many Republican Clubs across United States to organize workshops for leaders. Many community leaders now have the tools in their hands to approach minorities with the respect they deserve and conduct voter education. We are proud to share our proven system to flip Democrats and Independents to Republican voters.

BlakPac has been involved in many races across the country and in the process we have knocked a lot of doors, reached out to many voters through our direct contact system and share our conservative truth. Sery Kim from Texas and Winsome Sears from Virginia are among our successes. All our efforts are focus on flipping our country to our original greatness. In addition, to protect our leads, we focused on training Poll Watcher and Legal Stand By Teams ready to protect our victories.


We built on this success by remaining engaged through our digital platform, and providing ongoing candidate recruitment and voter engagement. Thanks to a lot of hard work, a record number of 60 Minority Republican Nominees from all across America qualified for the ballot for US Congress General election, BlackPac is proud to congratulate the highest number of Black, Latin and Asians that will be sworn in on January 3 2021.
Byron Donalds  (Florida)
Burgess Owens (Utah)
Carlos Gimenez (Florida )
Maria Elvira Salazar (Florida)
Brian Mast (Florida)
Tony Gonzales (Texas)
Mario Diaz-Balart(Florida)
Nicole Melliotakis (New York)
Young Kim (California)
Michelle Steele(California)
Gus Bilirakis (Florida)
Darrell Issa (California)
Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio)
Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wahington)
Mike Garcia (California)
2018 to 2019


BlakPac (the Black, Latin, Asian, Caucasian Knowledge Political Action Committee) goals are to elect as many conservatives as possible with an emphasis on the recruitment of qualified minority candidates while expanding the GOP by adding minority voters.

We developed Cerebrum, the most refined and advanced voter tracking technology in existence. Our in-house technology allowed targeted messaging to minority subgroups in closely contested Governors races in Georgia and Florida.

In a November 27, 2018 article in NewMax by Clarence McKee, He credited BlakPac with increasing candidate Ron DeSantis awareness among minority females with children in charter schools and converting 100,000 Democratic parents to crossover voters giving Ron DeSantis a victory of 30,000 votes. Cerebrum also identified and motivated minority voters in the Georgia governors victory for Brian Kemp.

BlakPac worked closely with Conservative Clubs across the country to organize workshops to Correct the Disconnect between conservative minorities that are Pro Life, Schools Choice and Pro Second Amendment but registered incorrectly. We provided training on the proper approach, tactics and closing to increase Republican Voter registration numbers and how to properly motivate these new voters on elections Day.

In 2019, BlakPac developed two new workshops, one to induce former felons that have had voting rights restored to vote Republican and a second that explains the Republican Stance on Immigration.

Contact us to organize a Workshop with your Committee or Club.

Project 1875 - Minority Nominees

Mia Love, the only Black Republican Woman in Congress lost in 2018 and Will Hurd resigned Out of 535 members, Tim Scott is the only African American in Senator. BlakPac immediately replaced them with Byron Donalds (F)L and Burgess Owens (UT) Mia Love and Will Hurd were RINO`s and we replaced them with real Conservatives. We can not elect weak Black candidates. We need Conservative African Americans that will help other Blacks get elected.

Conservative Minorities want to be represented in their government and we are working hard to identify, recruit and elect minority conservatives.

1. Help us identify outstanding Strong Minority candidates

2. Help us build them the best Political organization in America.

3. Help support BlakPac financially.


Karen Handel Campaign

BlakPac’s Collective initiated a Plan B and played a key role in the Karen Handel Special election on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. We created a very aggressive strategy and generated 50 million twitter impressions, 4,000 canvassing hours and 10,000 phone bank hours that resulted in a victory by 11,000 votes.

Karen Handel’s Campaign was behind 2 to 3 points since the start of the general election until our Plan BlakPac initiated efforts to increase the minority support for Karen Handel. These actions resulted in her victory. After applying our strategy and building coalitions, we engaged minority community leaders and encouraged them to put together meetings and canvassers to go to challenged communities and gain new voters.
BlakPAC has a history of success for a PAC that is unmatched. We do more with less. We are frugal and efficient. Our Social Media Department produces tons of content and we pick winners. In 2016, we put in action our strategy and with enormous success increasing low propensity voters for the General election.

On March 17, 2016, way before the Republican National Convention, BlakPAC proudly endorsed President Donald Trump. We were the first national minority organizations to endorse President Donald Trump. We also committed grassroots support in Iowa, Florida, Norths Carolina , Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio and other battleground states .

In 2016, representatives of BlakPAC, assisted Minority Conservatives nationwide to qualify for office, and worked diligently to elect our endorsed Black, Latino and Asian conservatives.

BlakPac was activate in the following races:

Byron Donalds, State Representative, Florida Jackie Toledo, State Representative, Florida Glo Smith, US Congress, Florida Willie Lawson, County Commission, Florida Tallie Garnier, School Board, Florida Sheila Griffin, City Council, Florida Eddie Adams, US Congress, Florida Mary Thomas, US Congress, Florida Boza Sevelin, Circuit Court Judge, Florida Mike Hill, State Congress, Florida<br> Teiji Kimball, US Congress, North Carolina<br> Vernon Robinson, US Congress, North Carolina<br>
Brian Mast, US Congress, Florida
Elbert Guillory, US Congress, Louisiana
Darryl Glen, US Senate, Colorado
Casper Stockham, US Congress, Colorado
Jeffrey Washington, State Senate, Colorado
Sherrie Gibson, County Commissioner, Colorado
Monique Miles, City Council, Virginia
Lori Bartley, US Congress, Texas
Joe Evans, County Commission, Texas
Carlyle Begay, US Congress, Arizona
Kelly Ward, Senate, Arizona
Corrogan Vaughn, US Congress, Maryland
BlakPac, with strategy and tactics in hand, created a sustainable organization that supports minority candidates and voters nationwide. The team dedicated this year to grow the organization and prepare for the 2016 Presidential election.

BlakPac collective developed strategies for the organization to assure the winning of multiple down ballot campaigns nationwide. With every election, we increased our expertise and awareness of the needs of minority communities, giving us a vast experience in the area of Minority Candidate recruitment and minority voter engagement.

In 2015, BlakPAC was recognized by Bloomberg, NewsMax, and the Washington Examiner for providing the winning edge for Rick Scott and Sam Newby in Florida and Jenean Hampton in Kentucky.
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